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for better patient outcomes

Beamtree. The Australian company setting new standards in healthcare data to improve quality, safety and efficiency around the world

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About Beamtree

We provide hospitals, clinics and pathology labs with smart tools to help professionals make better decisions and improve patient outcomes

Our tools also help healthcare managers allocate resources more efficiently.

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What we do

Beamtree technologies analyse data to help healthcare providers deliver more efficient and effective care

We understand how knowledge flows. And we possess the tools to manage knowledge to produce positive health outcomes

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Our solutions – Better has no limit

For more than two decades

We have been helping solve healthcare problems globally, by implementing our technology and frameworks to more than 1,000 locations. We believe it all starts with better data and ends in better care – and for us, better has no limit.


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Success stories

Our partnership represents a key step in the application of decision support to improve patient outcomes. This leverages the benefits of our EMR implementation to use data and intelligence to deliver continuous improvement. This is aligned with our vision of building a world class sustainable health system for all Queenslanders.”
Queensland Health, Australia
Our partnership with Beamtree provides our members with best-in-class benchmarking analytics and network programs - it also offers the opportunity for adding value through data and digital innovation in quality improvement and international collaboration.”
Health Roundtable, Australia
Our Trust is determined to provide the best possible services... that starts with making sure we use the best possible data to inform both our clinical decision making and our ongoing patient care. This partnership is testament to our commitment to patient safety, transparency and the smart allocation of resources.”
Milton Keynes University Hospital, United Kingdom
RippleDown has led to considerable savings and revenue enhancement for Lancet: in errors identified, guiding clinicians to order appropriate tests and the financial linkages associated with those factors.”
Dr Peter Cole, Lancet Laboratories
At SVHA, we’re on a mission to reduce HACs. It starts with good data, and RISQ has helped us to improve the quality of our data while providing a platform to navigate it, enabling us to develop solutions to tackle HACs in various parts of our services.”
Head of Health Information, SVHA

Our Customers

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