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The Ainsoff Deterioration Index™ is a commercially available machine learning-based tool used to predict the risk of patient deterioration, and alert clinicians via mobile devices in real-time.

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Accurately predicts the risk of patient deterioration

In addition to a score of risk, Ainsoff Deterioration Index™ alerts also display a clinically useful summary of the patient’s condition to aid in escalation. The sensitivity and accuracy of the tool means that alerts are only generated for patients genuinely at risk of deterioration, far enough in advance to enable clinical teams to act and prevent serious outcomes and long-term issues. The product’s dashboard also provides a visual summary of acuity for all patients providing organisational insight to workload and risk.



Contribute to improved patient safety by accurate early detection of patients at risk of a major adverse event

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Provide a safety net for clinical staff to recognise and escalate care with confidence and reduce the cognitive load of interpreting EMR data


Access to robust hospital level acuity information to assist in patient flow and resource planning


  • Proven machine learning algorithm using data from 260,000 patients 1
  • Genuine Early Detection enables clinical teams time to react and avoid adverse events
  • Real-time targeted alerts including a useful clinical summary to aid in escalation
  • Reduced false alerts means reduced alert fatigue and confidence to react when needed
  • Acuity Summary Dashboard to monitor the acuity of all patients across the hospital
  • Proven implementation, support and monitoring



1 A Trend-Based Early Warning Score Can Be Implemented in a Hospital Electronic Medical Record to Effectively Predict Inpatient Deterioration. Critical Care Medicine 1 October 2021. David Bell, John Baker, Chris Williams, Levi Bassin.

We audited over 300 previous patient alerts using Ainsoff Deterioration Index including laboratory data. ADI picked up every deterioration including ones we would not have previously detected”
Sydney Adventist Hospital , Australia
The more you empower your employees with knowledge about the clinical situation, the more you help them to prioritise care.”
Sydney Adventist Hospital, Australia