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The Ainsoff Deterioration Index™ is an application that uses a simple, numeric score as a representation of patient acuity, enabling acuity monitoring across the whole organisation.

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Intelligent Patient Acuity Monitoring

Built with historical data from over 300,000 Australian patients, the ADI dashboard displays a visual summary of acuity for all patients at ward and hospital level. Accompanying analytical views further guide organisational insight to workload and risk. Real-time alerts are generated for patients at the highest risk of deterioration. The sensitivity and accuracy of the tool means that alerts are only generated for patients genuinely at risk of deterioration, far enough in advance to enable clinical teams to act and prevent serious outcomes and long-term issues.

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Australian Study

The implementation of a real time early warning system using machine learning in an Australian hospital to improve patient outcomes

In a clinical trial published in the journal Resuscitation, (Bassin et al, 2023), the ADI was found to improve patient outcomes as well as significantly reduce the length of stay by 5% across the entire organisation. This bed stay reduction translates into a cost-benefit into the millions of dollars and frees up access to hospital beds, improving access to care.

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We audited over 300 previous patient alerts using Ainsoff Deterioration Index including laboratory data. ADI picked up every deterioration including ones we would not have previously detected”
Sydney Adventist Hospital , Australia
The more you empower your employees with knowledge about the clinical situation, the more you help them to prioritise care.”
Sydney Adventist Hospital, Australia


  • 5% decrease in length of stay

  • 17% reduction in MET calls

  • Supports staff resource planning

  • Provides safety net

  • Supports efficient patient flow

  • 20% reduction in unplanned ICU admissions


  • Acuity Summary Dashboards

  • Proven AI Model

  • Genuine Early Detection

  • Real-Time Targeted Alerts

  • Reduced False Alerts

  • Proven Implementation, Support and Monitoring