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The most extensive quality assessment tool for clinically coded data

PICQ® is the industry standard for assessing and reporting on the accuracy and specificity of clinical coding data. A quality assessment tool, it uses more than 900 indicators to assess and measure coding accuracy against the ICD-10 classification. This enables benchmarking across hospitals and provides insights to improve reported activity.

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Performance Indicators for Coding Quality

PICQ® assesses coded data according to the Australian Coding Standards, coding conventions and coding rules. The PICQ® Quality Ratio delivers coding quality and specificity that can be fairly benchmarked across different coders within a team or hospitals in a network. Users can typically find an uplift to Weighted Average Units through improvement to coding quality and specificity.

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DRG Change Report

PICQ®’s new DRG Change Report provides insights to hospitals into how coding changes impact Diagnosis Related Groups (DRGs). It allows managers to observe any DRG changes that may occur by showing results based on the first version and the latest version of an episode that comes through PICQ®.

Hospitals are able to review the reasons why changes have been made to particular DRGs. By noting significant changes, it allows coding teams to identify areas for improvement and further education opportunities for coders. It may also result in additional NWAU funding.


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Coder education and support

  • Notifies coders automatically if they have errors in their coding
  • Feedback to coders with the latest standards
  • Provides managers with summary reports on their team’s coding performance
  • Objectively assesses each episode in dataset without having to randomly select records for review

Automated processing

  • Automatically receives and processes extracts from the PAS (Patient Administration System)
  • Processes information and generates personalised on-screen and downloadable reports
  • Runs overnight extracts for next-day feedback
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  • Easy to use
  • Minimal involvement from IT – no servers or software to be installed
  • Dynamic access to latest indicator updates in response to edition changes and coding rules
  • No data sent offshore
  • Data privacy and confidentiality
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  • Identify actual and potential coding errors to improve efficiency in data handling
  • Find specific records to review and correct, ranked by priority
  • Identify areas that require specificity, which can be improved through clinical documentation, resulting in positive impacts to health data quality and funding
  • Identify themes for training/education to support coders/clinicians
  • Develop coder competency through real time feedback whilst using PICQ®
Over the last year since the re-introduction of PICQ, overall fatal errors for all of Victoria have halved. ”
Victorian Agency for Health Information, Health Information
Since the introduction of PICQ we have significantly reduced our reject rate for submission to state health departments. ”
Ramsay , WA
Love seeing the passion for good data and reporting from the Beamtree team – very helpful and supportive. Thank you for continuing to touch base with your clients and keeping them engaged with your great programs.”
Feedback from the PICQ® & RISQ™ User Group, held 30th March 2022