Beamtree announces first project in Canada

Beamtree has been commissioned by the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) to complete a coding quality review and provide education and training services for the health information manager and coder teams for several hospitals in British Columbia as a baseline to support plans for automation of clinical record coding audit in the future. This is our first major project in North America.


This project will use a combination of techniques including on site record auditing and the use of Beamtree’s Performance Indicators for Coding Quality (PICQ) and Relative Indicators of Safety and Quality (RISQ) to:

· Enable PHSA to identify clinical coding optimisation across the region and for each participating hospital

· Indicate how reliable the underlying data is

· Set a baseline so accurate data can be used for indigenous care recoding, population health management and activity-based payment schemes


In turn, this will enable the appropriate and accurate allocation of population health and the relative allocation of resources and the narrowing of inequalities. It will also enable coder workforce planning and possibly productivity gains.


‘This is an important milestone for Beamtree: our first North American engagement. The opportunity for PICQ and RISQ in Canada – and in the future in the United States – is significant. It is a great privilege to support PHSA and hospital providers in British Columbia with this critical data initiative. Our proven expertise in clinical record classification and audit, together with our PICQ software, support the solution of real world global health system issues – reducing unwarranted variation in health outcomes and supporting continuous improvement in the value and equity of services provided,’ said Tim Kelsey, CEO of Beamtree


PICQ is Beamtree’s advanced Australian technology used widely in public and private healthcare in Australia, New Zealand and the Republic of Ireland, to automate the audit of clinical record classification and assure the accuracy of hospital data. This is critical to ensuring the financial efficiency of health services, the equity of resource allocation and providing reliable insight into safety, a clinical outcomes and population health management. It is also valued as a means of supporting the training and education of expert clinical record coders as well as ensuring hospitals receive the appropriate funding for their activity. Beamtree’s patient safety technology RISQ® will also be utilised in the project.


Read the ASX Announcement here.


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