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Benchmarking, identification and coding of HACs for better patient care

RISQ™ is a measurement, benchmarking and management tool for hospital-acquired complications (HACs) providing coding quality surveillance and benchmarking against peers and best practice.

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Statistical database of more than 15 million patient episodes

Relative Indicators for Safety and Quality

RISQ™ benchmarking is adjusted for variables including case-mix data and is based on in-state and national statistical analysis.

The built-in RISQ™ Coder Workflow provides greater transparency, removing any doubt clinical teams may have in the robustness of the data underpinning the HACs results presented. The flow-on effect is an efficient process of identifying and correcting HACs utilising staff who can best affect change, ultimately providing room to focus on what matters enabling better patient outcomes.


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Review HACs with confidence

  • HAC rates automatically complemented with data quality index
  • Integrated with PICQ® workflow for coders to confirm and validate HACs
  • Clinical governance groups using RISQ™ can view full audit trail of coder review
  • Clinicians can respond to HACs within the tool
  • Supports education for better documentation
  • Supports coder understanding of HAC reporting nuance
  • Justification report closes the loop on data quality

Benchmark against risk-adjusted peers

  • Statistical peers selected from large data set of cleaned episode data
  • Multiple demographic and other metrics used to select statistically valid peers
  • Peers broken down by HAC category
  • For each HAC category and indicator, benchmark against industry-wide best practice
  • Broken down by service group, site, specialty, clinician, team – and customisable
  • Track rates over time
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  • Easy to use
  • Minimal involvement from IT – no servers or software to be installed
  • Dynamic access to latest HAC version updates from ACSQH
  • No data sent offshore
  • Data privacy and confidentiality
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  • Risk-adjusted benchmarking that enables more meaningful peer comparison
  • Monitor overall HAC rates with the ability to drill down to individual HAC levels
  • Regular data updates –daily or weekly
  • Identify quick wins and the ability to prioritise the biggest areas of variance
  • Assurance that data is correct before being reported to clinicians and statutory bodies
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Clinician Workflow Tool

RISQ’s new Clinician Workflow tool helps healthcare teams complete the quality life cycle of identifying, reviewing and actioning hospital-acquired complications. It provides a platform for dialogue and interaction between clinical coders and safety & quality teams while promoting the importance of good clinical documentation.

RISQ’s Clinician Workflow tool is designed for Safety & Quality teams, allowing them to add status and commentary against recorded HACs. It also provides opportunities for these teams to send HACs back to the original coders with comments, where a HAC may need further review or clarification.

Client testimonials

Love seeing the passion for good data and reporting from the Beamtree team – very helpful and supportive. Thank you for continuing to touch base with your clients and keeping them engaged with your great programs.”
Feedback from the PICQ® & RISQ™ User Group, held 30th March 2022
SVHA has a long-standing professional relationship with Beamtree; solutions we have implemented have driven improvements in health information, data management and the delivery of clinical care. We’re on a mission to reduce HACs and provide the best care. It starts with good data. RISQ has helped drive a 16% reduction in overall hospital acquired complications and reduced pressure injury events by 70%.”
St Vincent's Health, Australia
(RISQ is) eliminating data issues so we can focus on real preventable harm and not just noise. Easy to understand, intuitive and with data that is timely.”
Healthscope, Australia