Beamtree partners with Central Adelaide LHN to pioneer the use of AI in support of safer patient care

The partnership will see the implementation of RISQ (data quality product) across the CALHN network of hospitals, the launch of a new trial using RippleDown® (AI decision support product) and the Ainsoff Index (which is used for early detection of deteriorating patients), and the opportunity to co-develop a new implementation of RippleDown® in clinical workflow.

Find out more about the partnership through the ASX release.

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We believe that CALHN is a fantastic partner to assist us in this trial and implementation of these ground-breaking AI decision support products. This strategic partnership is an outcome of our commitment to improving patient outcomes through the early identification of risk, benchmarking and AI-led decision support. Together, we have the opportunity to enhance healthcare service quality, safety, accuracy and insight that will improve health systems in Adelaide and beyond.”
Tim Kelsey , CEO of Beamtree

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