Q Coding Platform™

An end-to-end workflow suite for clinical coding, grouping, reporting and auditing

Improving the efficiency and accuracy of coding teams through intelligent work allocation, real-time coding guidance and integrated reporting.

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Q Coding Platform is a modular suite of products that can be tailored to meet the clinical coding needs of any health service

This Beamtree platform incorporates modules for workflow and work allocation, code finding, guidance, grouping, statistical analysis and reporting, as well as integrated PICQ and RISQ real-time indicator results. Q Coding Platform can be customised to work alongside existing products and services to provide a seamless experience for coding teams and managers.

Clinical Coding

  • Fully embedded classification references
    • ICD-10-AM diseases and ACHI interventions alphabetic indexes and tabular
    • Up-to-date Australian Coding Standards and Coding Rules, cross-referenced
    • Compatible with all recent ICD-10-AM/ACHI editions
  • Fully embedded DRG grouper
    • Dynamic grouping
    • Multiple DRG calculation and display capability, all AR-DRG versions
  • Intelligent search capability
  • Continuous reference to patient/episode details
  • Interactive coding guidance, to improve coding throughput
  • Proprietary code suggestion feature
  • Dynamic field validation
  • Standalone and multi-episode coding capability
  • On-the-fly code resequencing capability
  • Flexible coding review with code search and assignment capability
  • Real-time PICQ and RISQ indicator results



  • Highly configurable rules-based distribution of work to individual coders
  • Accommodates workload balancing across users and teams
  • Complexity analysis and prediction
  • Complements and strengthens management through user configurable features:
    • Workload forecasting
    • Workload scheduling
    • Auditing
    • Revenue management
    • Competency management
    • Learning and development management
    • Reporting management


  • Real-time PICQ indicators, including COF indicators
  • Real-time RISQ indicators, including HAC and COF indicators
  • Statistical peer benchmarking
  • Case mix complexity ranking
  • Learning and development analysis


  • PICQ and RISQ reports
  • Coding workflow, activity and performance
  • Facility unit activity and revenue management
  • Service activity
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Management platform

An end-to-end clinical coding management platform, providing a single user interface to modular functions that is HL7 compliant

Users have no need to jump from application to application to code an episode. Managers have greater visibility of the entire coding operation, from work allocation to quality audit. Data can be passed to and from any data source to efficiently and effectively code an episode.

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Workforce optimisation feature

Automatically allocate the right episode to the right coder at the right time

Based on regularly updated coder competency and specialisation, coupled with high-confidence prediction of complexity prior to coding, episodes can be efficiently distributed to the best matched coder, taking into account workload and other customisable factors.