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Knowledge Networks

Beamtree partners with member organisations to provide operational services that leverage our expertise in health and social services data analytics. Our current Knowledge Network partnerships include Health Roundtable, Ability Roundtable and the Workforce Wellbeing Collaborative Program.

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How we support member organisations

Beamtree’s Knowledge Networks offer member organisations access to 25+ years experience and expertise in health and social services data analytics. On behalf of a member organisation, Beamtree will provide services to their clients across a range of business areas including:

  • Health and social services analytics and benchmarking
  • Product development and innovation
  • Knowledge-sharing, facilitation and collaboration
  • IT and security
  • Sales and customer support


Our Knowledge Networks

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Founded in 1995 as a knowledge-sharing collective, The Health Roundtable draws upon the experience of thousands of highly skilled clinicians and administrators across Australia and New Zealand, as well as top innovators from the UK, USA, and Canada. They exist to:

  • Collect, analyse and publish information comparing organisations and identifying ways to improve operational practices;
  • Provide opportunities for health executives to learn how to achieve best practice in their organisations;
  • Promote interstate and international collaboration and networking amongst health organisation executives.
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Established in 2013, Ability Roundtable is a not-for-profit benchmarking and knowledge-sharing organisation in the disability sector. The opportunity for participating organisations to uncover and share innovations and service improvements rapidly accelerates efficiency and effectiveness of services, leading to better service outcomes for customers.

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Workforce Wellbeing Collaborative Program

The Workforce Wellbeing Collaborative Program supports healthcare leaders monitor levels of wellbeing and distress in their workforce and provides local, relevant resources to support staff. Beamtree manages the current data set for Australia and New Zealand with Australasian benchmarks.

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