Health Roundtable Empowers Members and Drives Future Improvements with New Strategy

Health Roundtable are delighted to announce the release of the Health Roundtable Strategy 2023-26. An exciting and ambitious plan for the future, it provides the foundation for the continued growth of the Health Roundtable over the coming three years.

Health Roundtable, together with their service provider Beamtree, will deliver advanced analytics while continuing to support knowledge-sharing networks of exemplar practice. As part of the Strategy, Health Roundtable are investing in a contemporary data platform that will provide enhanced data security, improved data acquisition and processing, digital experience and data analytics. They will also seek to extend membership to include aged care, primary care, ambulance and other linked datasets as well as specialist networks.

President of the Health Roundtable, Tobi Wilson, said ‘We are delighted to release our new Health Roundtable Strategy 2023-26. Our motivation remains as a network of diverse individuals and organisations committed to improving the care being delivered with and for our communities. We are looking forward to continuing to work with members to implement these improvements which will meet both current and future needs.’

Beamtree CEO, Tim Kelsey said ‘Health Roundtable continues to be a trusted institution that is held in high regard by many health leaders. Here at Beamtree, we believe in using the power of data to drive innovation and look forward to continuing to support Health Roundtable as they work to enrich member experience and drive learnings for improved health outcomes.’

Beamtree is the service for Health Roundtable, providing with a range of professional services that enable Health Roundtable to deliver advanced analytics whilst continuing to support peer-to-peer improvement activities.


Read the Health Roundtable Strategy 2023-26


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