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RippleDown® technology is revolutionary. It supports experts within health organisations safely apply their expertise at scale to deliver operational, financial and clinical efficiencies while improving safety and data quality.

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Best in-class Clinical Decision Support

RippleDown® offers clinical decision support that enhances downstream physician decision-making by supplying precise direction to physicians based on available clinical, lab, and treatment data as designed by the experts in the field. Uniquely, RippleDown® solutions can be implemented and managed by clinicians or technical experts with zero requirement for IT or programming skills to adjust operational rules or apply new evidence to practice. The benefits of this technology include:

  • Completely managed by subject matter experts within the organisation using a simple natural language syntax.
  • New rules are safely built and deployed in Production, in real-time without IT involvement.
  • Scales the efficiency of the expert workforce.
  • Incremental and limitless rule building approach with real time conflict checking.
  • Scalable validation feature to safely manage automation.
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RippleDown Expert

Clinical expertise to generate patient-centric reports

RippleDown Expert™ automatically applies clinical expertise to generate patient-centric reports, replicating the expert’s unique decision-making process at scale. Developed by pathologists for pathologists, it improves the quality and speed of information delivered to clinicians. RippleDown Expert™ provides treatment recommendations, real-time alerts, and advanced reflex and appropriate testing recommendations.

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RippleDown Auditor

Automates real-time reviews of all data

RippleDown Auditor™ automates real-time reviews of all data, ensuring accuracy across data entry, billing, and specimen reception, flagging suspected errors as they arise. It brings financial governance, visibility, and optimisation to pathology business processes.

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RippleDown support

Access detailed information regarding all RippleDown features, troubleshooting and syntax guide

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RippleDown really enhances our service. We are able to deliver a highly customised service to GPs with better quality information that they use to treat their patients more effectively.”
Lancet Laboratories, South Africa