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Automates real-time reviews of all data.

RippleDown Auditor™ automates real-time reviews of all data, ensuring accuracy across data entry, billing, and specimen reception, flagging suspected errors as they arise. It brings financial governance, visibility, and optimisation to pathology business processes.

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Comprehensive real-time monitoring and flagging of potential errors

RippleDown Auditor™ solves problems around accuracy and reduces the costs associated with having to rework information and address errors. RippleDown Auditor™ is especially useful in reducing the volume of unpaid and potentially unrecoverable debts owed to the business. It also improves compliance with privacy and healthcare regulations and can help build trust.

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Immediately identify errors

  • Eliminates the need for re-work, manual checking and reprocessing of data
  • Saves time and reduces risk by immediately identifying errors
  • Errors are automatically directed to the relevant individuals to resolve
  • Improved productivity
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Increased invoicing accuracy

  • Increased invoicing accuracy due to real-time, automated identification and resolution of errors
  • Auditing of complex billing
  • Real-time alerts of billing issues, while patients are hospitalised, leading to better debt recovery
  • Reduces liability
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Web-based dashboard

  • Measure performance and trends over time
  • Tailor analysis to focus on specific areas
  • Access information from anywhere, at any time
  • Enables targeted staff training
  • Data is secure and encrypted

RippleDown Auditor™ support

Access detailed information regarding all RippleDown Auditor™ features, troubleshooting and tutorials.

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RippleDown® technology is revolutionary. It supports experts within health organisations safely apply their expertise at scale to deliver operational, financial and clinical efficiencies while improving safety and data quality. Learn more about the technology that powers RippleDown Auditor.

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