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Activity BarCoding™ enhances activity data collection and reporting in various workplaces. This on-premise solution efficiently captures customised data across organisations, supporting a variety of operations.

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Enhancing activity data collection and reporting

Used by thousands frontline healthcare workers across Australia and New Zealand, Activity BarCoding™ is an on-premise solution that efficiently captures customised data across organisations and can be tailored to the simple or complex functions of your organisation.

Activity BarCoding™ uses a mobile app or portable matchbox size barcode scanner to collect the data, which is then used by Activity BarCoding™ to assemble activity profiles and inform a suite of valuable reports. In a healthcare setting, clinicians of any discipline can track activities, location, interventions, and equipment, while linking to your local patient administration system.


  • Save 6 hours per month per staff member

  • 15% increase in accuracy of recorded interactions

  • Evidence for service planning and development

  • Better business cases and evidence for funding

  • Reporting from Activity BarCoding™ can be used to inform both activity data requirements and support business cases and funding proposals to expand service provision in a time of financial restraint.

  • Collecting activity data enables your organisation to accurately determine if the right skills are being used at the right time, in the place of greatest need.


  • Robust collection of staff activity data

  • Measurement of application of staff resources

  • Clinical intervention reporting at the point of care

  • Captures unmet need (where a service was needed but could not be provided)

  • Integration with Patient Administration Systems

  • Simple and easy to use mobile app or barcode scanner

How it helps organisations

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  • Allied Health

    Activity BarCoding™ has been used by Allied Health professionals for over ten years in Australia and New Zealand and has a proven track record of providing more patient treatment time for valuable highly skilled staff, releasing them from time-consuming data entry.

  • Child Health Services

    Activity BarCoding™ is being used to capture activity data for both inpatient and outpatient interactions in not-for-profit child health services.  This accurate recording of activity provides an evidence base for donors who can see the true value of their donations and investments in changing outcomes. It also enables the organisation to plan for future needs by providing an evidence base for funding being sought in advance.

  • Community Nursing

    The Activity BarCoding™ system is being used to record both patient interactions and staff activities in a community or ambulatory environment. This saves data entry time, ensuring that scarce resources are channelled into focus areas. In this environment, the barcode scanner is versatile and robust, allowing activity to be collected and stored by the staff member without internet access.  Staff can capture their interactions with patients more accurately and in more detail, so that you can truly start analysing the patient journeys that are occurring and adjust your care delivery models.

  • Mental Health

    Activity BarCoding™ can be used to assist staff in tracking inpatient and community-based mental health support activities in any location. The system can record and compare patient outcome scored (In New Zealand, Health of the Nation Outcome Scores) to highlight key patient trends or overall unit performance. Portable match-box sized scanners can be conveniently carried into remote community settings without the need for internet access.

  • Palliative Care

    Activity BarCoding™ is being used to assist Palliative Care staff in managing the delivery of both hospice-based and community interventions. The system provides a detailed “patient journey” report to ensure that vital steps are performed on a timely basis.  It also frees up time for patient care that would otherwise be spent in manual data entry and note-taking.

Customer Testimonials

As the Director of Allied Health at St Vincent's, I have been delighted with the information available to us from the ABC system. The data collection process has been easier, quicker and much more appealing for staff than previous systems we have used. The reporting functions literally saves our managers hours of time per month and the breadth of information available within moments has been extremely useful for our business submissions and activity reviews. We have been able to link ABC with our case mix data enabling great benchmarking capability and giving us a very clear picture of how we are using our resources. ”
St Vincent's Public Hospital, Australia
Activity BarCoding has given me visibility across my allied health teams, improved my resourcing decisions and staff management.”
Tauranga Hospital, Bay of Plenty New Zealand
Much less time and the entry is much more accurate. The best thing about the system is that stats have been incorporated into the work function i.e it has become part of the treatment procedure like writing in the notes. The functionality of the system at the clinical level is one of its best functions and my guys love it. ”
St Vincent's Public Hospital, Australia