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Activity BarCoding™ assists healthcare staff with the complexity of recording and reporting activity. Used by 2000+ front line workers across Australia and New Zealand, Activity BarCoding™ is an on-premise solution which provides flexible reporting by customising activity codes based on your organisation.

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Activity BarCoding™ uses a mobile app or low-cost battery-operated, portable barcode scanner (the size of a matchbox) to record up to 1000 codes.

The software system analyses the stream of barcodes and assembles an activity profile for the clinician and tracks patient interventions. It generates a suite of reports by staff member, by patient, by referring department, and by activity type.


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Organisational Benefit

  • Save 6 hours per month per staff member
  • 15% increase in appointments being recorded
  • Activity data integration for hospitals
  • High value healthcare
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Technology enabler

  • Enables activity data to be recorded, analyzed and reported
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Evidence for Service Development

  • Better outcome for each dollar invested
  • Evidence based service planning
  • Better business case and evidence for funding
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  • Robust collection of allied health intervention data
  • Dynamic reporting (Clinical Care, Staff Activity, Patient Referral, Audit, costing and funding)
  • Clinical intervention reporting at the point of care
  • Data capture/reporting by level of staff competency
  • Auditing & data integrity functionality
  • Integration with Patient Administration Systems (PAS)
  • Measurement and management of staff resources to drive efficiencies and culture improvement
  • Aligned to the Care Capacity Demand Management program in New Zealand (safe staffing and healthy workplaces)

How it helps organisations

Allied Health

Allied Health professionals around Australia use the Activity BarCoding system daily. The system has a proven track record in providing more patient treatment time for valuable staff, releasing them from inefficient and time-consuming data entry.

The additional patient treatment time is substantial. Indications are that on average staff will save 6 hours per month per staff. The implementation of Activity BarCoding has also been identified as the reason for 15% increase in appointments being recorded.

Palliative Care

Activity BarCoding is being used to assist Palliative Care staff in managing the delivery of both hospice-based and community Allied Health interventions. The system provides a detailed “patient journey” report to ensure that vital steps are performed on a timely basis. It also frees up time for patient care that would otherwise be spent in inefficient data entry and note-taking.

Community Nursing

The Activity BarCoding system helps you record both patient interactions and staff activities in a community or ambulatory environment using a simple set of pre-printed bar codes. This saves data entry time, ensuring that scarce resources are channelled into areas that need focus.

With a greater focus on primary, community and ambulatory care, Activity BarCoding is versatile and robust allowing it to operate for days without an internet connection.  The scanner is the size of a match box and can easily be carried by a staff member.

Most importantly, your staff can capture the interactions they have with patients in the community more accurately and in more detail, so that you can truly start analysing the patient journeys that are occurring and adjust your care delivery models.

Customer Testimonials

As the Director of Allied Health at St Vincent's, I have been delighted with the information available to us from the ABC system. The data collection process has been easier, quicker and much more appealing for staff than previous systems we have used. The reporting functions literally saves our managers hours of time per month and the breadth of information available within moments has been extremely useful for our business submissions and activity reviews. We have been able to link ABC with our case mix data enabling great benchmarking capability and giving us a very clear picture of how we are using our resources. ”
St Vincent's Public Hospital, Australia
Australia I was involved in the installation of ABC at QLD Health, I found Beamtree staff supportive & knowledgeable. I can rate their service at 8/10. ”
The Prince Charles Hospital, QLD Health, Australia
Australia I’d rate the support at 9/10. The team is responsive and our queries were resolved in a timely manner. ”
Tauranga Hospital, Bay of Plenty New Zealand
Much less time and the entry is much more accurate. The best thing about the system is that stats have been incorporated into the work function i.e it has become part of the treatment procedure like writing in the notes. The functionality of the system at the clinical level is one of its best functions and my guys love it. ”
St Vincent's Public Hospital, Australia