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Powering the Learning Health System

Built on world-class information and knowledge management products, the Beamtree Learning Health System provides end-to-end support from the moment of data collection and classification, through quality and performance benchmarking, to clinical decision-making at point of care.

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Improved outcomes for patients

Best-in-class Clinical Decision Support tools: Beamtree’s RippleDown product is proven to deliver better patient outcomes, alongside improved financial and operational efficiency


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Real-time, customisable Clinical Decision Support

Better value care tools: Insights platform that will report comprehensive risk-adjusted ICD-10 metrics with standardised pathology, radiology, pharmacy and other data.


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Safety and Quality

Real-time management information, benchmarking, enhanced surveillance and compliance

Clinical safety and quality tools: surveillance of coding quality of hospital acquired complications, benchmarking them against best practice and peers. Up to 29% reductions in HACs reported.


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Computer coding of clinical records

Automation: Beamtree is a global innovator in computer assisted coding to reduce errors and improve revenue optimisation, clinical quality and equitable allocation of resources


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