Workforce Wellbeing Collaborative Program

Effectively measure the wellbeing of your healthcare workforce

This program supports healthcare leaders monitor levels of wellbeing and distress in their workforce and provides local, relevant resources to support staff. Beamtree manages the current data set for Australia and New Zealand with Australasian benchmarks.

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Well-Being Index

As part of the Workforce Wellbeing Collaborative Program, organisations can access to the Well-Being Index (WBI). The WBI is a globally recognised, discipline specific validated tool. It is administered via a nine-question survey, which can be completed using an app on a healthcare worker’s mobile device. The WBI supports a shared responsibility between employees and employers to help identify distress and burnout and cultivates a positive environment of awareness and engagement.

  • Measures 6 dimensions of distress and wellbeing
  • Discipline specific – Physicians and senior medical officer, Interns and residents, Nurses and midwifes, Allied Health, Pharmacy, General Employee and Medical Students
  • Internationally validated tool
  • Mobile ready application
  • Secure and completely anonymous
  • Risk adjusted peer grouping by profession
  • Immediate results and resources to individual hospital staff

Key features


Track progress

Your staff can anonymously assess and track their wellbeing over time, get immediate feedback and compare results with the national average for their peers (e.g. all doctors in Australia).


Access to resources

Your staff can get immediate access to helpline numbers, self-help videos, publications and resources pre-loaded onto the online tool.


Aggregate reports

Your institution can access de-identified aggregate reports on the wellbeing of healthcare staff over time to establish a base line and assess the efficacy of mental wellbeing initiatives.


National benchmarking

Your institution can access national data to benchmark against institution data for physicians, nurses, residents/fellows, medical students, allied healthcare professionals and general staff.

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Words to action; surviving to thriving

Recommendations to sustain our humans in healthcare

Beamtree and Health Roundtable’s Workforce Wellbeing Expert Advisory Group have released Recommendations to sustain our humans in healthcare: Words to action; surviving to thriving, a discussion paper that identifies five key themes and 14 recommendations to addressing workforce wellbeing challenges in Australia and New Zealand.

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Thought Leadership

Health workforce burnout, data-driven solutions

The past two years have brought increased attention to many challenges facing the health system in Australia and New Zealand. One of the most concerning is burnout in health workers, which negatively affects not only the workers but also patient outcomes and the effectiveness of the health system. Beamtree, in partnership with Health Roundtable, convened three panels of experts to address these issues in discussions moderated by medical reporter Sophie Scott. The result is a professional white paper titled Addressing burnout. Bringing data driven solutions, care and hope to the healthcare workforce and a series of videos designed to spark conversation in health care teams.

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