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Health workforce burnout, data-driven solutions

The past two years have brought increased attention to many challenges facing the health system in Australia and New Zealand. One of the most concerning is burnout in health workers. Beamtree, in partnership with Health Roundtable, convened three panels of experts to address issues relating to issues in discussions moderated by medical reporter Sophie Scott. The result is a professional white paper and a series of videos designed to spark conversation in healthcare teams

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Addressing Burnout: Bringing data-driven solutions, care and hope to the health workforce.

One of the most concerning challenges facing the health system is burnout in health workers, which negatively affects not only the workers but also patient outcomes and the effectiveness of the health system.

The purpose of this White Paper is to encourage healthcare leadership teams to take action now on the critical issue of staff wellbeing, and the systemic challenges that effect it. The question is not should you do something, it is: When will you?

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We’ve developed a four-part video series about identifying healthcare burnout and discussing data-driven solutions.

Why is burnout important to consider in healthcare?

Working towards best practice in managing burnout

What are some organisations doing better than others?

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Workforce Wellbeing Collaborative Program

The Workforce Wellbeing Collaborative Program supports healthcare leaders monitor levels of wellbeing and distress in their workforce and provides local, relevant resources to support staff. Beamtree manages the current data set for Australia and New Zealand with Australasian benchmarks.

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Health Roundtable’s Workforce Wellbeing Program

On behalf of the Health Roundtable, we provide Members with access to the Well-Being Index through their Workforce Wellbeing Program. Established in 2019, the Health Roundtable produce benchmarking wellbeing reports, with opportunities for collaboration, networking, and research.

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