New Release: RippleDown 9.5

We’re delighted to announce that RippleDown® 9.5 is now available for all customers. This update is centred on elevating user experience, highlighted by the incorporation of a cutting-edge machine-learning feature that empowers intelligent rule-building. In addition, we’ve prioritised enhancing security measures by seamlessly integrating with Active Directory within your existing system.

Experience heightened efficiency with enhanced reporting through LabQ and faster processing. These improvements are strategically designed to streamline workflows and amplify the productivity of your expert workforce.

Dashboards are also available to all users as part of RippleDown®9.5. These dashboards provide real-time insights into the performance of RippleDown®, offering a detailed view of dashboard cases, auto-validation, and the types of errors being identified.

Other features included in this update include:

  • Request form view enhancements enabling more patient information to be viewed at once.
  • Extended wholistic view of the patient report with interpretations now available
  • Referred Queue enhancements – allowing for more specific user set-up and faster workflows.
  • Inbound Message Configuration enhancement
  • New Syntax available for easier rule building
  • Enhancements to objectives

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