Human intelligence – using AI to unleash patient power

Beamtree’s Global Impact Committee release latest report

Beamtree’s Global Impact Committee launched their latest report, ‘Human Intelligence: Using AI to unleash patient power’ highlighting the success of healthcare organisations that have found a way to develop new patient-facing digital services at speed and, critically, scale.

This report illustrates how big health systems in mature and emerging economies have made the leap towards digital disintermediation. In doing so they have put more power in the hands of patients, improved access, reduced costs, enhanced the patient experience, become more transparent about their performance and saved time for hard-pressed clinicians. Their stories are impressive and empowering, particularly case studies such as Apollo in India, Clalit in Israel and HMG and Seha Virtual Hospital in Saudi Arabia.

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed a pernicious paradox. It forced healthcare to become more digitally savvy, yet the extra healthcare costs during the pandemic have now become fossilised in old ways of working which have lowered already modest healthcare productivity. Governments increasingly lack a credible Plan B to reverse this phenomenon. We hope this report illustrates some ways in which it can be changed.


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