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Clinical expertise to generate patient-centric reports

RippleDown Expert™ automatically applies clinical expertise to generate patient-centric reports, replicating the expert’s unique decision-making process at scale. Developed by pathologists for pathologists, it improves the quality and speed of information delivered to clinicians. RippleDown Expert™ provides treatment recommendations, real-time alerts, and advanced reflex and appropriate testing recommendations.

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Advanced clinical decision support with real-time monitoring and alerting

RippleDown Expert™ allows time-poor senior pathologists and clinicians to apply their knowledge in a highly scalable way without compromising results integrity or the accuracy of reports. The solution reduces the possibility of errors to occur in reporting and interpretation, helps reduce costs, and reduces the workload for often over-burdened clinicians.

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Patient-centric reports

  • Uses all available patient data from multiple sources
  • Regulates test ordering
  • Greater volume of work can be processed with absolute accuracy
  • Clinicians receive the best possible interpretation of patient results
  • Improves business efficiency through increased auto-validation
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Real-time patient monitoring

  • Reduces alert fatigue
  • Generates reports in real time
  • Automatically directing alerts to relevant clinicians and departments
  • Saves clinicians time by automatically generating recommendations for reflex testing and follow-up recommendations
  • Improves treatment decisions at the point of care – improving patient health outcomes
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Web-based dashboard

  • Measure performance and trends over time
  • Tailor analysis to focus on specific areas
  • Access information from anywhere, at any time
  • Enables targeted staff training
  • Data is secure and encrypted

RippleDown Expert™ support

Access detailed information regarding all RippleDown Expert™ features, troubleshooting and syntax guide.

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Customer testimonials

RippleDown has led to considerable savings and revenue enhancement in identifying errors, guiding clinicians to order appropriate tests and the positive financial linkages associated with those factors. ”
Lancet Laboratories, South Africa
Working with Beamtree has been a pleasure. Its tools have been deeply integrated into our work and the staff are always quick to respond.”
Australian Clinical Labs, Australia
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RippleDown® technology is revolutionary. It supports experts within health organisations safely apply their expertise at scale to deliver operational, financial and clinical efficiencies while improving safety and data quality. Learn more about the technology that powers RippleDown Expert.

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