Beamtree agrees revised contract with Health Roundtable

Beamtree is pleased to announce it has agreed revised contract terms with Health Roundtable, a not-for-profit company that provides data analytics and collaborative knowledge sharing activities to the hospital sector in Australia and New Zealand.

The Board of Health Roundtable has commissioned Beamtree to build a contemporary data analytics platform for the benefit of the hospitals that are its members. Health Roundtable members will experience superior analytical services including predictive data analytics and alerts and a contemporary data platform that provides enhanced data security, improved processing and digital experience.

Beamtree is the outsource provider for all Health Roundtable activities and services and this outsourcing contract is Beamtree’s largest client contract and the key component of its Analytics and Knowledge Networks activities.

Beamtree’s CEO, Tim Kelsey, said: “‘Health Roundtable is a unique collaboration to support best uses of data in improving the quality and value of health service delivery. It is a great privilege for Beamtree to serve the Health Roundtable and its members. We welcome this revised contract and look forward to our ongoing collaboration which will leverage Beamtree’s leadership in data science, digital innovation and AI decision support.’

Read the full statement here.

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