Beamtree acquires AI pioneer which is building lifesaving health technology

Beamtree announced the acquisition of Ainsoff Ltd in line with the company’s strategy to expand the Beamtree health service offering. The acquisition adds three new products – all with artificial intelligence driven using Beamtree’s unique AI rules engine RippleDown® – and sees both Ainsoff founders Dr Levi Bassin and Dr David Bell joining the Beamtree team to drive implementation of these technologies in Australia and around the globe.



Ainsoff have designed world-class AI applications which have the capacity to transform the management of the most seriously ill patients in hospital and the quality and costs of clinical process in hospitals. We have hospitals around the world already reviewing these innovations. This is a milestone for us as we look to serve the needs of health systems to continuously improve outcomes of patients. ”
Tim Kelsey, CEO of Beamtree

The three cutting-edge Ainsoff products offer real-time advanced warning of the risk of patient deterioration on hospital wards, automated clinical documentation improvement and automated critical result notification.

Find out more about the acquisition through the ASX release

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