Beamtree partners with USYD data science team to improve health outcomes

Beamtree and the University of Sydney have announced their plans to ensure health data research is accelerated to improve the health of all Australians and impact the globally efficient use of healthcare resources.

The Beamtree and University of Sydney collaboration will see the first senior academic appointment in clinical informatics in Australia – the Beamtree Associate Professor of Clinical Informatics. The appointment will lead a new research team in the Faculty of Medicine and Health at The University of Sydney to innovate in the use of health data so that cutting-edge approaches to biomedical informatics and AI can support sustainable, high-quality health care around the world.

The appointment will lead the research efforts across several areas, including:

  • New methods for making patient data available to support clinical decision support tools
  • Better mapping patient data to assist in research and clinical surveillance activities
  • Applying machine learning and other data science models to patient data
  • Find out more about the partnership through the ASX release

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We are proud to invest with the University of Sydney in research that will continue to drive a pipeline of technologies and data science methodologies that will provide health systems with better insights, improving their ability to make better decisions, prevent complications and allocate strained health resources.”
Tim Kelsey , CEO of Beamtree

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