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More Time to Care

Automation, Digitisation and the Workforce

The Global Impact Committee’s latest report highlights the enormous potential of automation and digitisation in healthcare. With demand for care increasing and the workforce facing burnout and attrition, the question is – why hasn’t automation been put front and centre?

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A Report by the Global Impact Committee

Putting Automation Front and Centre

Automation is a powerful tool in the pursuit of error-free healthcare, higher productivity and a better patient experience. It has already demonstrated its ability to transform care by delivering big improvements in outcomes and efficiency while liberating the talents and time of highly skilled staff. But few, if any, healthcare systems see automation as central to their future.

More Time to Care points to the many success stories that can be found across the world. Additionally, it critically looks at the barriers and obstacles health faces and often puts in its own way. It suggests new public-private partnerships and alliances at scale to break this impasse and note the new type of health leaders that will be required if the enormous potential of automation and new technologies is to be harnessed. It also provides a blueprint for how automation can be integral to the foundations of modern, productive, digital, learning healthcare systems.

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